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Chances are he's extremely necessary for a high school/college to compete against rivals lest they be wiped out into obscurity.Or, in the similar vein to the Alpha Bitch: politics and cold hard cash.Often in open conflict with the Lovable Jock or with the Big Man on Campus, who are usually too influential or physically strong for him to bully, especially if neither of them is willing to condone his behavior.If he has siblings, one of them is usually a Nice Guy or a Nice Girl with whom he doesn't get along.If the hero does manage to take revenge, it will be glorious and extravagant to such a brutal degree that one wonders if the writers are working through issues from their own childhood.In other cases, when Karma eventually comes for him, we'll see the Jerk Jock all grown-up, probably either a Jaded Washout, dreaming about his glory days, or a failed corporate thug who ended up in jail.

A boorish, obnoxious, spiteful asshole with an out-of-control sense of entitlement, he spends his time beating people up, getting drunk and destroying property; and in darker works, he may also be an incorrigible rapist.He had been gone from the Islanders for years, had taken on new responsibilities with the Panthers when hockey came to south Florida, but it’s the one that got away that you can’t stop reaching for.Likewise, the end of life sets off a wave of remembrances and Torrey’s death Thursday did exactly that for me.However, where the Alpha Bitch uses her wiles and sex-appeal to get what she wants, the Jerk Jock usually isn't very smart and is more likely to fall back on fear of violent reprisal instead.Usually, violence is not an option to deal with him, unless The Hero or somebody on their side (likely The Big Guy) is indeed physically stronger than him.

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