Girls guide to dating geeks Cum roulette

I fuck her for a long while as I listen to her moans of pleasure.

After that, I place her so that she’s lying with her head on the floor and her tucked legs up on the couch.

The sexy babe really can’t believe her eyes that my dick is just that massive.

Once she’s passed the initial stage of the shock though, I want to get down to action. She starts off slow but as time goes on she moves her head up and down faster and faster.

I want to bury myself as deep as I can inside her so that’s what I do. I love hanging out in the rooftop of my building because I have a beautiful view of the city but this morning I was welcomed by an even better view: this tiny girl with a flexible little body doing some exercises on the rooftop!

I recognized her as my next-door neighbor, dead ringer for Anne Hathaway! She asked me to help her with some stretches and pretty soon my hands were all over her tight little flexible body and they took her back to my place so we could both keep “working out” together!

There she got down on her knees and pulled down my pants, totally amazed at the size of my huge throbbing erection.

She confessed she wasn’t expecting it to be that big, with a big smile on her face as she stroked it and admired how hard I was.

Dirty little bitch kept begging me to pound her harder, faster and deeper.

She lowers her pussy onto my cock, I aim my hard cock between her slippery lips, and she lets her weight slide down onto it.

Once my cock is deep into her body she starts riding me hard.

She really has a good technique here and I feel just amazing while she’s doing it.

I can’t really get enough of this though, so I need to move on to something stronger.

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