Going from dating to a relationship

When a friend is like, "Hey, you can bring so-and-so! " and you assume he'll go even before you ask, you know things are at a pretty real level.Source: Shutter Stock Bonjour My Friends: There's a box of tampons in my bathroom.When you start dating someone and things are going really well, there is usually shift towards being super casual with each other and becoming more serious. So how do you know if you’re on the road to becoming a real couple, or if things are going to stay casual forever?This shift typically starts happening before you’re comfortable enough to speak up and be like, “Hey, what are we doing? A bunch of real dudes talked about in an Ask Reddit thread, and I’m sharing the responses.

I wasn't always stressing about when I should call him or what I should wear.

I remember when one of my friends told me she knew things were real with her BF: it was because they could talk about pooping without feeling weird.

Hey, you might never chat about your bathroom habits with your BF, but when you feel comfortable enough to do stuff while he's around (even if you're not talking about it), you know you're pretty comfortable.

In between we would just say we were hanging out or not.

I remember almost never being told we couldn't do something.

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