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The text’s font and color are determined by the choices you made in the previous “Choose a theme” window.When you’re finished, select the red check mark on the top-right corner of the screen. Once you’ve finished editing your clips and applying themes and music, tap the red check mark in the top-right corner of the screen.(You can only add video files, not still images, from your Camera Roll to Cameo projects.) Once you’ve chosen the clips you want to add, tap “Import” on the top right corner of the screen.Once the clips have successfully been imported, they will automatically begin to play in your timeline.Once you’re logged in, tap “Create New Video.” (When prompted, be sure to give Cameo access to your Camera Roll.) Your Cameo projects will save automatically as you go, so feel free to take a break at any time.To get started again with a draft, open the app and select the project from the home screen.Add a title and thumbnail When you’ve completed your edit, it’s time to choose a thumbnail and add a title to your Cameo creation.

Add, change, or remove music To add music, select the music icon in the toolbox. Swipe across and up/down to browse through tracks, and tap “Categories” to discover music by genre.

Changing the order of clips To reorder your clips, tap and hold your finger anywhere on the clip you’d like to move.

A timeline will appear and allow you to reorder the selected clip. Deleting and duplicating clips Tap and hold your finger anywhere on the clip.

Now you’ll have the option to either “Delete” or “Duplicate” the clip by dragging it up or down, respectively.

Add or change the theme To add a theme, select the icon that looks like three overlapping circles and then tap the “Theme” button.

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