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series and the first one to appear on a seventh generation console.It was also, thanks to a famous slip-up by Sony over renewing their previous contract with Rockstar for exclusive publishing rights, the first entry to get a simultaneous Multi-Platform release, as well as the first to have downloadable content. So either you give me your word or go fuck yourself, I'm sick of this shit! he's great and all, it's just I don't like his tough guy friends. At least they won't try and get in your pants every ten seconds. : Yeah, I'm in a life threatening situation and I'm having a conversation here. : We're taking a load of product off of some Russians the Ancelottis have been dealing with. It's very confusing, I'm looking at a woman, I'm talking to a woman, I see the woman's penis, NOW I'm confused. It seems the club owner's got more connections than a subway line.

Determined to help out his cousin, and hoping to investigate a lead regarding the traitor, Niko is forced to delve back into his past life of violence to survive.

From what I hear, Aiden still rants about me to anyone who'll listen. : No, they stole them from the guys I sold them to.

That was when those friends of Gracie's must have gotten them. They have a prize for the a person with the biggest heart, not the biggest wallet.

I'd like to hear you tell Gerald that it's a boring story. : Shit, you sound like you're saying all this just so it's clear on the wire tap. Everything we're saying is fiction, it has no bearing in the real world. I arrest protesters at political conventions for straying outside the free speech zone. Now, thanks to politicians, it's about fighting terrorists, one old lady at a time.

We just got the heads up that a shipment has arrived in Liberty City by boat. I wanted to fight the War on Terror, but I don't read so good. I rifle through people's bags on the subway to protect freedom.

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I keep doing these favors for you and you pay shit. Since that little love affair ended, they've been getting this Russian guy to supply them with C. Now I'm on the front lines, helping tourists and fighting terrorists. Ray come up with this plan to keep a bit of distance between us and the robbery. They better not think of crossing that West River and not looking over their shoulders.

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