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The loop runs until everything possible is broken down.Those familiar with the electronics have already guessed why we use negative voltage here.When we connect it up to the USB port, an inverting DC/DC converter runs and charges capacitors to -110V.When the voltage is reached, the DC/DC is switched off. It is used to apply the -110V to signal lines of the USB interface.” When the voltage on capacitor increases to -7V, the transistor closes and the DC/DC starts.Just simple and secure messaging that is easy to use.Russian security researcher who calls himself “Dark Purple” has built a cyanide pill for your laptop in the guise of a harmless flash drive capable of scorching electric shock.Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in.

(USA), ANYCHART (USA), MEMEGLOBAL (ISRAEL), APPSGEYSER (USA), and ENTERRA (USA). Worked as financial analyst in Renaissance Capital, GE Money Bank, ex-Commercial Executive in mobile loyalty startup of Sberbank (62 bn market cap).

Calling it the “USB Killer v2.0 in an demonstration video, Dark Purple shows how a test laptop is rendered useless within seconds of inserting the drive, which immediately delivers a 220-volt shock to the USB port.

He doesn’t reveal exactly how this works, but described the process behind an earlier version in a March 2015 Kukuruku post.“The basic idea of the USB drive is quite simple.

Investment professional, ex-M&A and Strategy director for media business in JSFC Sistema with a total valuation of assets exceeding million.

Pavel closed deals worth of 0 million in venture investments, M&A, and debt fundraising.

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Just something to remember if you’re thinking about using this as sort of emergency escape hatch in the event the police are breaking down your door.

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