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My husband loves Gatorade and it’s not something we buy very often so I put some of those in.He also enjoys beef jerky, and Snickers chocolate bars so I bought some of them too.I’m still playing catch-up from last week, so I’ll share this for today’s Daily Extra post: 16 funny, witty, important, and beautiful quotes about… I was researching quotes to possibly include in last week’s , and I came across so many that made me laugh, smile, or nod my head in whimsical sympathy, that I decided to just share my favorites with you that had to do with divorce.Tomorrow, I’ll share my favorite quotes about marriage to balance things out. Does anybody have a direct number for the CIA or the military?You have to struggle a bit, hustle a little, and be willing to go bankrupt.Once you're willing to do that, everything opens up and you get the freedom.Whether it’s for a friend, relative, girlfriend or boyfriend, the main priority is to plan ahead.In order to do this, you should have already had their birthday in your calendar.

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He loves reading so I bought a book online to put into my husband’s gift basket and added a box of microwave popcorn too.

Choose any snacks, treats, or surprises your own husband would enjoy.

I see an insidious problem in the marketing of weddings as 'the happiest day of your life.' The pressure that is placed upon this event to be the alpha and omega of your entire existence makes it, I think, into a kind of nuptial New Year's Eve, and we all know how that usually turns out.

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