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The magazine found that TMZ reportedly paid ,000 for footage of Drake accidentally dropping thousands of dollars outside a Washington strip club.

The surveillance footage of Solange attacking Jay Z inside an elevator after the 2014 Met Gala was also reportedly bought for ,000 — though it was originally reported as going for 0,000.

2” — became one of the most recognizable faces on the TV show.

We’re told his sister, Liz Walters, who ran its court reporting operation, also left in recent weeks.

They can handle a serious story and they can get silly,” he said.

“They have figured out the dimensions of what they do.

“TMZ is more of a personality than a voice,” he said, and that as such, it knows how to wear both silly and serious hats – like Couric and Lauer, who he said are “the people I really admire who I think have done this in broadcast.Which seems to get picked up every season.” Kathy also slammed ‘s Harvey Levin for the way he handled her infamous Donald Trump decapitation photo by releasing his personal phone number. isn’t really that different from the journalism practiced by other, more old-school outlets — despite suggestions to the contrary, made by some of those same outlets’ media critics or, in this case, sports-show hosts.“We’re not stupid,” Levin said, explaining that TMZ’s uses watermark so that news outlets that show the video are compelled to give TMZ that plug even when they don’t intend to credit it with breaking the story.That behavior happens “all the time, not just random websites – television shows,” he said.

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host said “didn’t know” his former Bravo coworker, the 56-year-old comedian shared a 17-minute long video slamming Andy, saying that he was jealous of her before also claiming that he offered her cocaine before her interviews on his show. The whole time I was working there, I didn’t know how Andy Cohen wanted to be me,” Kathy says. “The reason I did that is that during the entire Trump scandal, I was doxxed so much that people obviously got my phone number, my address.

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