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Rosebud, arguably the most famous sled of all, belongs in this category. The wooden prop that figured prominently in the classic film, “Citizen Kane” was actually a balsa wood copy.Nonetheless, Stephen Spielberg bought it for ,000.You can pick up some cider and some apples, of course, at the farm stand that is open year-round. v=nef Ex2WYKGA Morningside Hang Glider Park — The hill in Charlestown where hang gliders loft up toward the sun is also a popular sledding site.Enfield Shaker Village Hill — Members of the crafty religious group probably once took advantage of the 300-foot-wide, 1,800-foot run that is about 300 feet above Mascoma Lake on Rte. Miller State Park — The auto road up 2,290-foot Pack Monadnock mountain attracts daredevils in the off season when the park is closed. Tilton School Hill — The hill at the prep school at the corner of Prospect and Academy streets is popular with townies as well as students.Today, prime sled runs, like swimming holes, are prized by locals and often kept secret from outsiders. Wagon Hill — This 12-acre town park looms about 400 feet over Rte. It’s a large hill with an iconic wagon on its summit. The hill is steep and fast, with a smaller trail good for the little ones.There is a 76-foot-tall observation tower at the top of the hill that provides an overview from the coast to the White Mountains.

It’s behind the Common Man restaurant near the entrance to the Forest Ridge development. Turn around and head to the Common Man for warm white chocolate bread pudding and a cup of white ginger pear tea.

Lyndeborough Road Agent and antique enthusiast Kent Perry says up until the 1950s, unlike now when roads are plowed almost as soon as the first snowflake hits the ground, it might take up to three or four days to plow.

In the interim, he says, “giant, horse-drawn, wooden snow rollers would pack down the snow so they could be used by horse-drawn sleighs, toboggans or whatever sled someone would have at their house.

Both were first made in Maine in the mid-19th century using a horse-drawn sled as a model. The clipper is built low to the ground with upturned runners at the front and meant to be ridden on the stomach.

The cutter is similar, but taller and is designed for sitting down.

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