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Grant went on to star in 'Maurice' in 1987 - an adaptation of the E. Forster novel - which became a massive hit at the Venice film festival, and Grant earning the Volpi Cup.By the early 1990s, Grant was preparing to leave his acting career behind, but chose to read the script for 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.When Grant began to become dissatisfied with having so many small parts, and went on to form the comedy troupe called The Jockeys of Norfolk.The group gained a good following and went on to become a hit at Edinburgh Festival.The problem is that only one of those actors is actually out: Stephen Fry.Lee Pace has never commented on his sexuality one way or the other.

Several guys have claimed they have slept with him.If people's past denials and beardings would be forgotten to a degree, that would mean one denial, one single attempt at presenting as straight, would mean those people would never be able to come out and they'd be buried in their closets. Sweetie if you're a female publicist or industry insider on DL to misinform and discredit... Either he or his publicist instructed the photographer to get a woman to pose in the photos with them lest the final product seem too homo. I wonder about Matthew Mc Conoghey but can't spell his name.I prefer the option where it is possible for people to come out despite past mistakes. Baby gurl you need to do a surprise sneak check on YOUR husband, while you're sitting on your rotund ass in some office, your hubby is presently engaged in ass play with a rotund booty -- with another guy. In the Navy..the Y-M-C-A...a macho, macho man..he's not gay--he's married. Zac Efron Zach Galifianakis Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson Vin Diesel Ian Somerhalder Joel Mc Hale Alexander Skarsgard Scott Speedman Seth Rogen Jonah Hill Eddie Murphy Tom Hiddleston Armie Hammer George Eads JJ Watt Wish list (please Santa): Nikolaj Coster-Waldau-Dominic Cooper-Josh Lucas-Sullivan Stapleton- Dylan Mc Dermott- Bryan Greenberg-Oscar Isaac- Boris Kodjoe. Apparently it's the gay & closeted ones who worry about that sort of thing (this is according to my BF whose worked with many of them). Him and Sandra Bullock used to play the dating game but I don't know what that was all about.Wake up bimbo, and your husband's fuck buddy too when you bust him, as he's getting "busted" in your bed. I was married, while in a fraternity and the military as well..no, I'm not gay. I stated "wish" (bone :-)I thought the term glass-closeted excluded those who entered into straight marriages and had kids. Robert Downey, no matter how many wives or kids he has.And how the hell did Charlie Sheen really get aids?

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In 1979, Grant earned a scholarship New College, Oxford, to study English Literature.

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