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Now, with his companions lagging behind, he started down the trail, which descended steeply into an alpine meadow. So you’d think that, cameras or not, he’d remember the moment with some fondness. He used to just do the thing—plan the killer trip or trick and then complete it, with panache.

As he accelerated, he noticed, to his left, an elk galloping toward him from the ridge. Here was his money shot—the stuff of TV ads and real bucks. What with his headache and the ample footage of the past days, he’d thought to hell with it, and had neglected, just this once, to turn his Go Pros on. Maybe a photographer or film crew tagged along, and afterward there’d be a slide show at community centers and high-school gyms, or an article in a magazine.

The rod can rotate around its center, its movements determined by the cameras’ weight and centrifugal momentum. He gives as much thought to getting the shot as he does to nailing the trick. Still, one doesn’t often find oneself swept up in a stampede of wild animals.

A Go Pro Hero 3 , the latest iteration (the tech rumor mill predicts that the Hero 4 will début next month), costs between three hundred and four hundred dollars.

He’d powered up to a high-altitude ridge and was gazing, less than eagerly, at the trail down toward the backcountry yurt where he and two fellow pro riders were camped for the week. He was tired, hungry, dehydrated, and a little woozy. He and the others, along with a professional photographer, had spent two days filming video footage of themselves hurtling down steep technical trails and executing tricks off natural features.

They had brought along more than a dozen Go Pros, the ubiquitous small digital point-of-view cameras.

(You could cut an hour-long edit of these accidental selfies—a montage of scraped knuckles, double chins, and bloodshot eyes—and call it “Action!

”) The microphone picks up sound that is very close but misses sound farther away.

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