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HOMETOWN DATE: RACHELI’m annoyed that I have to watch this because we know how their relationship ends, since Rachel has already been named the next Bachelorette. It’s been weeks since Taylor Nolan was eliminated by Nick Viall on "The Bachelor," but the Johns Hopkins University graduate says she's still dealing with the aftermath of the dating competition show.Either way, they’re in Dallas and I’m surprised because Nick is in slacks and a dress shirt rather than skinny jeans and a henley. Rachel, our next Bachelorette, tells Nick they’re going to be doing something he’s never done before and I think: Speak without a lisp? The mental health counselor, who is also a Stevenson University alum, was eliminated during a...It's hometowns week on "The Bachelor," which means Nick will travel to the homes and meet the families of the four remaining women vying for his love.But first, as a quick reminder: Last week, after walking into the women’s hotel room without knocking, Nick sent Kristina home last minute.

He then cries and talks about how he’s been in this situation before, because it wouldn’t be an episode of this season if we made it without that happening. HOMETOWN DATE: RAVENRaven, and her terrible Southern accent, drives a four-wheeler to greet Nick, who is standing in the middle of a swamp, because Arkansas.HOMETOWN DATE: CORINNEIn Miami, Corinne, this season’s villain, tells Nick that they are going shopping at one of the most exclusive malls in Miami.She also says she and shopping are like white on rice, and I laugh out loud given the timing after the hometown date we just watched.Vanessa’s dad calls Nick out by asking him directly if he has already asked this of the other three dads.Honestly, this is the most entertaining thing that has happened all season.

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