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Some carbon in our world is suspended for hundreds or even millions of years.Carbon is trapped inside fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.Now you can see that through photosynthesis, the carbon atoms have been taken from carbon dioxide and used to create C6H12O6, or glucose. And so, when we eat plant matter, we obtain glucose from the plant.When we eat meat we are also able to get glucose due to the fact that the animal ate plant matter.Additionally, carbon is also trapped within the Earth in the form of fossil fuels.The carbon cycle is essentially nature's way of reusing carbon atoms in different ways and in varying places.It is the process in which carbon travels from the atmosphere into organisms and the Earth and then back into the atmosphere.But, how does this process work, and what moves the carbon?

The matter that exists now is all that we will ever have.

This element is carbon, and, in this lesson, we will take a look at a very important process called the carbon cycle.

Carbon is an element found in many different forms and locations within our Earth and atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are composed of the transformed remains of living organisms, and they contain a great deal of energy.

We burn fossil fuels for energy, and this process releases the carbon back into the atmosphere in the form of CO2.

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Similarly, we have a fixed amount of carbon on Earth and in the atmosphere.

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