Husbands angry outbursts are intimidating

…Some Christians who would deplore explosive expressions of anger fail to reckon with the reality that implosive anger is fully as destructive in the long run.

They do not guarantee that your abuser will stop abusing you, nor do they protect you from further abuse.Implosive anger is typically characterized by three elements: denial, withdrawal, and brooding. Those who practice an implosive method of responding to anger often begin by denying that they are angry at all.This response to anger is especially tempting to Christians who have been taught that anger itself is sinful.Threatening behavior includes implying that he’s going to harm me physically with behavior such as backing me into a corner, getting right up in my face while yelling and red-faced, acting like he’s wringing my neck at a distance, or kicking a chair, punching cabinets, etc. He has also threatened my pets to coerce me to do what he wanted.Many times when he’s in this state, he’ll say, “Is this what you want?! You must want me pissed off – why else would you do this to me?! The night I left for good, I was on the phone with the police dispatcher.

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