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This way they are not worried if there membership is deleted, as they now hope to get their messages at their outside e-mail address.If a member should respond to this scammer, the scammer will then proceed with his or her scheme.So be informed, and let common sense govern your online endeavors.Be a bit skeptical, but remember that there are a lot of other genuine people like you looking for love and romance. When enough of us have been informed, these scammers will have no either choice but to move on to their next scheme. Met a guy on a christian dating site and he says he had to go to Lagos, Nigeria with his 5yr-old son to get materials for a job he has contracted for in the states.The goal of all these schemes is to either have you send them money, or to provide them with personal information (example: banking information).Many scammers will come up with unique and incredible stories to try to appeal to your romantic or sympathetic side.

There is probably no point in responding to the message on the site, as the scammer is unlikely to return.

Despite the obvious flaws and setbacks, online chat, dating and social networking are still awesome ways of keeping up with friends and meeting new people.

Dating sites are especially successful in providing the average single with more choice and selection than he or she otherwise would have.

A lot of date scammers take their profile pictures from modeling sites.

However, remember that appearances are not everything.

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