I think i was dating a sociopath

However, because they are usually crafty and highly intelligent, they rarely get caught. They may enter relationships quickly and passionately, but lose interest just as fast. Aggressiveness Sociopaths are usually easily irritated and may be prone to repeated physical fights. Reckless Disregard Sociopaths are likely to partake in risky, thrill seeking behaviors as they constantly need to be stimulated.In the context of relationships, this includes highly promiscuous sexual behavior usually without protection. Irresponsibility You know that person that can’t seem to hold down a job?So the only way to ensure that you’re not hurt by a sociopath is simple: stay away. Unlawful Behavior Sociopaths are arrogant creatures who often think they can operate above the law. Sociopaths lie for a purpose, which usually includes some type of financial, sexual, or political gain.Because of this, they may repeatedly perform criminal acts. Lies may be grandiose in nature and are told as a vehicle of control. Impulsivity Sociopaths act on instinct and without thoroughly planning ahead.Now he is messaging all my freinds trying to turn them against me and I am scared he is going to do somehting. The police won’t help they act like it’s a joke and my freinds are all saying he can’t sue me. I called the cops and stalking is not a crime and they told me to file a restraining order but I don’t have the money it’s 0 in Vegas to file a restraining order. You might want to go to the movies–your partner will make sure you go out to dinner instead. He or she might even brag about the fact that they have left a trail of tears behind them.

Of course, your partner is allowed to do whatever he or she wants and you are not allowed to question them, but they will control everything you do. You can’t control what happened to them, and you can’t solve it for them. Now he is saying he wants to sue me for damages to his home, it’s a long story but basically he locked all my belongings in a room and I had to brake the door down to get my things because I didn’t have 0 to call a locksmith to get it open.

Your partner will play into this, claiming that other people are just jealous of what you have or are just trying to bring you two down. For example, if someone hurts them, they feel they have a right to retaliate.

If a teacher fails them, or a coworker says something bad about them, they feel entitled to revenge.

Not because they’re lazy, but because they just don’t want to work?

They may just be a sociopath that thinks they’re too good for a regular nine to five. Lack of Remorse Sociopaths don’t feel bad about anything.

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Most heartbreaking are the partners who think they can love or pray these individuals into being better people. Because unlike most people who suffer from some sort of mental disorder, sociopaths are perfectly happy being just the way they are.

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