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It was exactly how I pictured walking into the cafeteria on the first day of school, but with a foreign language being spoken.Finally someone spoke to me, in Icelandic of course, and once they knew I only spoke English they made sure to be very vocal about it.

A woman had been in contact with me asking me to join their team and she sounded really friendly and excited to meet me.This date was the turning point in my dating life in Iceland and I have continued to meet many new people who I am really enjoying spending time with. I guess we all have to go through some form of a dating rut before coming out on top! When you have finally found your “date” the awkward small talk begins. Fast forward to our lunch date where I spent two hours listening to her talk about how much she hated Iceland. She was even shocked that H wasn’t supplying me with a card to his bank account.I mean I am downgrading my life to live here in Iceland with him so he should pay for it.

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