Innovation speed dating

Event organizer Event organizers have access to all data you provided (password excepted) and can download your data in Excel format to manage registration lists, name tag, catalogues, etc.

Event co-organizer Event organizers can assign access right to co-organizers where appropriate (e.g an Austrian co-organizers may receive access right for Austrian participants). The period of time a certain B2MATCH matchmaking website is determined only by the main event organizer.

For any questions regarding this event contact the event organizer.

Data we collect Contact data (name, organisation name, position, address, contact details, phone, email, password,…) Business related data to initiate and support the matchmaking process e.g.

When you register for an event on the website you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

In case there are additional event organiser related Terms and Conditions you agree to those as well.

Deleting data You can’t delete your profile, but you can request the deletion of your profile via the main event organizer.Usually a B2MATCH matchmaking website is online for about 2 years after the event.Inserting During the registration process you are requested to insert data as indicated in the registration forms.Private Events In case the event is operated as “private” event your data are only made accessible to registered and approved participants.This is explicitly indicated and mentioned on the website.

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