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All the rest internet services in the world keep all your personal data not encrypted on their servers and may use it for their discretion anytime.The length of AES 256 secure link is less then 160 symbols and may be sent via SMS. They use SSL but the messages are stored not encrypted on their servers. This means that your chat will stay secure even if someone hacks you, sniffs https and get your chat link. Our encrypted chat allows you messaging online with 2-30 participants. Choose security options - timeout for start and inactivity.

Experience new exciting connections in the comfort of your home.

Yes, there is one - if you or your recipient keep any kind of Trojan software on your computer. Our safety messages are stored encrypted on the server and we keep them until anybody opens a link. We don't even have any web analytics on the site - just check our page codes. But, in case somebody gets the link before you - he will read the message inside. We do not hold any chat data persistent on your computer.

Could I open the same link and read the message again? It makes no sense to keep IP addresses, cos all anonymous messages are stored encrypted, and nobody could read them, even our sys admin. You will get a read link with such information : 'Here was your message. If this happened by the accident, a new chat should be created.

Click "Continue" and you will be redirected to the chat room. You should send this links to participants as text or QR-code. It should be entered by all participants, otherwise the chat will be inactive.

In the chat room you can see which one of the participants joined the chat and who left it.

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