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The initial launch did not include server-to-server communications; Google enabled that feature on January 17, 2006.Google has since added video functionality to Google Talk, also using the Jingle protocol for signaling.This may be included in the JID by appending a slash followed by the name of the resource.

the protocol was developed by the Jabber open-source community in 1999 for near real-time instant messaging (IM), presence information, and contact list maintenance.The early Jabber protocol, as developed in 19, formed the basis for XMPP as published in RFC 3920 and RFC 3921 (the primary changes during formalization by the IETF's XMPP Working Group were the addition of TLS for channel encryption and SASL for authentication).Note that RFC 3920 and RFC 3921 have been superseded by RFC 6120 and RFC 6121, published in 2011.Since a user may wish to log in from multiple locations, they may specify a resource.A resource identifies a particular client belonging to the user (for example home, work, or mobile).

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