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And for that matter, if Steve & Barry’s will ever come out of Chapter 11 or be forced to liquidate.The Steve & Barry’s business plan is simple: Everything in the store is .98 or less (though the high-price was flexible depending on the selling season, and for a while, every item was the same price).“They probably expanded too quickly, and took retail spaces that were too big for them,” said Stuart Rose, managing director for investment bank Tully & Holland.“It’s hard to grow from 30% to 100% per year for 15 years without selecting a few too many dogs.He was a renaissance man, capable of lecturing on literature, history, Western and Eastern philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, ecology, shamanism, chemistry, biology.He had insight into our collective experience as technological creatures, and predicted a future world of virtual reality and simulation.

They went for the cheap deals instead of looking for the right spots.He was, and still is, by way of these lectures and his books, one of the most well known psychonauts in recent history (up there with Timothy Leary and Alexander Shulgin).In his works, it’s clear that Mc Kenna was a student of many things besides botany and entheogens.That Sex And The City style stuff isn’t flying off the shelves, which shows Steve & Barry’s wasn’t in touch with its customers.Of course, cautious consumer spending, climbing oil prices, and the recession the government says we’re not in all had something to do with it as well.

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For a while, its signature Starbury basketball shoes were going at a premium on e Bay, showing that there may have been a market had it tried.

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  2. After you visit, for the first time, you will get a popup from the top of the browser, which will ask for permissions to use your webcam and microphone.

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