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The most common question we receive from men is how to write a good online dating first email.Only a small percentage of emails that are sent by men are ever opened by women. What if, out of that crowd of cows, one of them was bright purple?Well, she might respond to the message simply to let you know you’re a loser. I’m a really nice guy and know how to treat a girl. But if you want her to respond positively to your first email, you may want to avoid sending either of these messages… I’m 31 years old and live on the west side of town. I am College educated (English degree) and work as an accountant for a trucking company. Because we’ve used them numerous times and received great response to them. I just wanted to create a headline that stood out from the other guys. And, the rules for face-to-face first impressions differ from online dating first impressions.

Be sure you are descriptive about the kinds of things you like to do without giving too much information right off the bat.

While most folks will check out your profile after they get an email from you (and yes, your profile should mention your likes and hobbies), you shouldn’t always count on this.4 – Mention Profile-Specific Detail By now you’ve gone over their profile carefully, so when you start writing your email, mention something specific about it.

Consider talking about somewhere they’ve been or a movie they’ve seen, etc. It’s important that you come across as a positive person if you want them to reply back.5 – Ask One (Just One) Direct Question It’s best to ask just one direct question so you get a reply back. Be sure the question is something they don’t mind answering.

Before we show you some successful first online dating message examples, you should see what a poor email looks like. Other than that, I’m into playing PS3 games such as World of Warcraft. I know you’ve gone through a gazillion email messages.

The following two emails will NEVER get responded to. Let’s see here – I absolutely love anime and some horror flicks such as The Shining. As for music, I usually listen to heavy metal and alternative rock. I’m more into Pantera and Metallica than the newer bands.

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