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You don’t want to hide the fact that you have children.

The other person needs to know and you need to know if they are okay with that.

Online dating provides a natural hunting ground for predators so you need to be careful.

Protecting your children should be your number one priority.

Having children while dating can often be seen as baggage by people without children.

It really limits the number of possible matches a single parent can find.

They have as much right to try to find romance as anyone who doesn’t have children.

Single parents should not be restricted from dating.

However, when you put your profile out there for the public to see, it opens you up to some risk such as online predators, identity thieves, and the like.

The question: is online dating appropriate for single parents?

When browsing profiles single parents will often look for other single parents.

Online dating sites will include whether or not you have any children. Honesty and openness are the best options when dating online as a single parent.

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