Intimidating eratic driving

Once the microphones are selected, they must be positioned so that the sound captured has a pleasing tone color. In most cases, the complexity of the setup and the intricacy of the adjustments make critical a "sound check".a dress rehearsal with the sound engineer to insure that everything has been done right.

The task of reinforcing a musical performance is complex, requiring quality equipment and a good engineer. In general, judgements are quite different when it comes to the definition of sound, because everyone has his/hers own listening attitude and individual preferences. Measurable parameters, influencing the sound, are the room acoustic and the speaker system itself, i.e. To get good sound out of your system, you need to have gooddevices and know how to properly use them. Many common problems in PA systems are noise and distortion. It can come from improperconsole / effect / amp gain staging. It can come from trying to make a weenie speaker do the job ofa stack of much larger and expensive speakers.

The engineer needs to hear the way you plan to sound when performing, so the musical pieces should be almost all ready.AC Power Distribution - When you are specifying equipment for large installations such as a church, nightclub, or recording studio, you should also include recommendations for a proper electrical power distribution system for that installation.If you ignore the electrical system, it is very likely you will be spending more time in the future trying to solve ground loop and EMI interference problems.Shock Hazard and Grounding - The power supply cord used on most modern electronic equipment has a three pin plug.This article will explain why the separate ground pin is used and why shock hazards will result if the ground system is defeated.

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The relationship between a power amplifier and a loudspeaker is symbiotic, that is, each depends on the other.

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