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The majority of a warrior's attacks are intended for single targets, but they also have some options for dealing Ao E and multiple-target damage.

Warriors make use of snares and root effects such as significantly increase damage dealt, while various other effects improve specific abilities.

They are able to use shields and can wield any weapon except wands.Stances have a 3-second cooldown but are not affected by the global cooldown, allowing warriors to adjust quickly to the needs of the moment.) but are largely unable to deal damage or apply crowd control unless within melee range.To be effective in the heat of Pv P combat, warriors may need to use every one of their abilities to stay within range of their targets, as they rely on being in melee range to make use of their abilities.The warrior's main mobility skill allows the warrior to leap down upon their enemies or if necessary to flee quickly out of range of attacks, and additionally deals some Ao E damage.

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