Invalidating a home owners association

NRS 116.310395 Delivery to association of converted building reserve deficit. NRS 116.31043 Liabilities and obligations of person who succeeds to special declarants rights. Meetings and Voting NRS 116.31075 Meetings of rural agricultural residential common-interest communities: Compliance with Open Meeting Law. NRS 116.31039 Delivery to association of additional common elements constructed by declarant or successor declarant. NRS 116.31073 Maintenance, repair, restoration and replacement of security walls.

ARTICLE 2 CREATION, ALTERATION AND TERMINATION OF COMMON-INTEREST COMMUNITIES NRS 116.2101 Creation of common-interest communities. NRS 116.2103 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws. NRS 116.31031 Power of executive board to impose fines and other sanctions for violations of governing documents; limitations; procedural requirements; continuing violations; collection of past due fines; statement of balance owed.

NRS 116.3105 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant. NRS 116.31083 Meetings of executive board; frequency of meetings; periodic review of certain financial and legal matters at meetings; requirements concerning minutes of meetings; right of units owners to make audio recordings of certain meetings.

NRS 116.31046 Successor not subject to certain claims against or other obligations of transferor of special declarants right. NRS 116.3108 Meetings of units owners of association; frequency of meetings; calling special meetings; requirements concerning notice and agendas; requirements concerning minutes of meetings; right of units owners to make audio recordings of meetings.

Liabilities, Insurance and Fiscal Affairs NRS 116.3111 Tort and contract liability.

NRS 116.31107 Voting by units owners: Prohibited acts; penalty.

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