Invalidating a session in javascript

This link control goes to ' Logout' action where I clean up the session variables and then invalidate the session with:session.invalidate();and this class forwards it to which just has the goodbye message. the above URL point) going backwards from do show the page expired message but doing refresh on the above URL screen only brings back the application Could someone please explain this to me? The term user session refers to a series of user application interactions that are tracked by the server.Additionally, you can specify that a session cookie is only passed on a secured connection (that is, HTTPS), so the session can only remain active on a secure channel.For more information about security, see Chapter 5, “Securing Web Applications.” A distributed session can run in multiple Sun Java System Application Server instances, provided the following criteria are met: if an object type not supported for failover is bound into a distributed session.Sessions are maintained automatically by a session cookie that is sent to the client when the session is first created.The session cookie contains the session ID, which identifies the client to the browser on each successive interaction.

For more information, see the session-properties element in Chapter 6, “Assembling and Deploying Web Modules.” This section describes how to enable the Sun Java System high-availability database (HADB) for session persistence.interface, that it is being bound into or unbound from the session.Specify the session to invalidate itself automatically after being inactive for a defined time period.The Sun Java System Application Server supports the servlet standard session interface, called A cookie is a small collection of information that can be transmitted to a calling browser, which retrieves it on each subsequent call from the browser so that the server can recognize calls from the same client.A cookie is returned with each call to the site that created it, unless it expires.

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