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Historically, common law held that marriage invalidated a previously made will.However, today, if a party fails to revise a will after marriage, the effects vary based on individual state laws.This can cause complications as it could mean that a valuable asset such as a property is jointly owned by your spouse and your children from a previous marriage.Relationships might seem strong now, but unfortunately we have seen many relationships break down when dealing with issues surrounding bereavement.A valid Will can only be made by someone of at least 18 years of age.Wills have to be in writing and signed by the person making the Will in the presence of two witnesses who are not going to inherit anything from the Will.Do you want to automatically post your Mail Online comments to your Facebook Timeline?

All such challenges are legally complex and specialist advice should be sought.If you owned a property jointly with the person who died or if you have made a substantial contribution to the cost of any property that was in the sole name of the deceased at the time of their death, you should seek legal advice from a solicitor.It may be that you have a claim which is independent of anything in the Will.The only other way a will can remain valid after a marriage takes place is if it is made beforehand in contemplation of marriage.This means it is possible for fiancés or fiancées to make wills and confirm that the will is made in anticipation of their upcoming marriage and that the will should not be invalidated when that marriage occurs.

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