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He holds both my hands behind my back, pulling on them and using them to pull me hard on his cock as he pounds into me. "Well, that is one way to greet me when I get home from work," he chuckled as he pulls his cock out and hands me a towel.

I feel his cock start to twitch as he goes faster and faster. I turn and smile, kissing him on the cheek,"We should do this more often, huh?

I was loving the feeling of his cock shoved deep down my throat when he suddenly flips me over and pulls me so my head is hanging off the bed.

He drops his pants then positions his balls directly on my nose.

" He smiles,"Go to bed, it is way past your bedtime." He then walks out and shuts the door behind him.

I quickly climb into bed, his juices dripping out of me as I quickly fall asleep.

In one smooth motion he buries his cock down my throat again while my fingers once again find my dripping cunt.He smacks my hands away and fucks my face harder, then proceeds to pinch my nipples and make me moan around his cock as it pistons in and out of my wet mouth.I hear my vibrator turn on and hope that he is going to fuck me hard with it while he face fucks me.I start to cum and my whole body raises up as he pounds my pussy hard with the toy, my throat contracting and swallowing his dick deeper, almost milking him. I finally have to push him away because my clit is so sensitive.He continues to fuck my face slowly as I come down from the intense orgasm.

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