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This movie was supposed to be about a dwarf named Frankie when in fact it is really about a lost beautiful young woman named Bernadette searching for something.This movie deserves an 8 but I give it a 10 out of 10 because I just adore Anne Parillaud and most of her work.Maybe this would explain why most are numb and apathetic. Inside it is the dead of night and Gabriel Byrne, in untucked shirt and braces, is sitting on the side of a bed, in shadow, brooding.In flashbacks, we see how he was conceived to a woman (Parillaud) at the end of WWII as she attempts to smuggle herself to America on a troop ship.Caught, she is put ashore back in her homeland of Ireland where she struggles to bring up her dwarfed child.This drama is set in World War II Australia, where an American Marine, Rebel is recuperating from wounds suffered in battle.He is weary of war and is intent on going AWOL and escaping from...

See full summary » This is a story of a man (Walker), suffering from dwarfism, who writes an autobiographical account of his life.

“I remember, once we were filming in a hotel corridor at four in the morning, because that’s when there was no one around, and a door opened and a woman tiptoed out carrying her shoes and then looked up and saw this whole film crew staring at her.

That was proper shame.” He is full of such anecdotes, delivered in a gentle and unhurried Irish lilt, in a manner that suggests he is used to people listening to him.

In an adjoining room the director watches on a monitor then shouts: “Cut!

We need to smudge her make-up a bit, so that it looks like they’ve been at it.” While the smudging is being done, Byrne tells me that in this scene – which is for a new BBC drama called Quirke, set in Fifties Dublin and adapted from the novels of John Banville – his character is supposed to be doing the “walk of shame” after a one-night stand.

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