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My question is what is the difference between dating and hanging out? (movie, dinner, dancing) as a "couple" Hanging out ...... It is "hanging out" that you hope turns into something more meaningful and long-term, which is the "Friends" part.

I have always thought that no matter what the situation is when two people get together even to meet up someplace or be picked up and go somewhere thats considered a date. Means she brings her car you bring your's she sees good looking guy she wants to know, she's gone .... A lot of people also put hanging out when they are looking to meet "Friends" but would also be into the possibility of it turning into something even more serious -- "Long-term"No one has yet stated anything that makes the 2 terms different.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. In my opinion, "hanging out" means exactly that -- hang out with a person platonically.

It seems to me that this dating is not what it used to be 15-20 year years ago. This means you pay our way, they pay their way, you either meet or go together that does not matter. It is not necessarily long-term though."Friends" is exactly that.

So you’re chilling with him at the bar and it gets pretty late. 1) You can take your drunk self back to your apartment, or 2) you can take your drunk self to his apartment. And if you play your cards right, he’ll want to see you again. It’s time to be intentional about our actions and say what we mean.

Not expressing myself is the equivalent of holding my breath longer than a minute: I can’t do it.

If you discover you are inclined towards changing from hanging out to dating, or vice versa, that's another kettle of fish!

"hang out" is a term used as "dating" put's pressure on the other person, however if your just hanging out you get to know the REAL person and not some shitty game face that will evaporate after you know eachother awhile. You can hang out with anyone, and it assumes some mutual interest other than romance and or sex.

Hanging out is a general term, and can imply three different things: (a) something platonic (two with no mutual sexual tension, attraction, or implications)(b) non-platonic, but not a date (friends but not 'just friends' hanging out)(c) just another word for a more casual, informal date People define situations as "hanging out", especially when it comes to meeting someone for the first or second time, because it doesn't define things as a (gasp) "date". Negative is the potential confusion, because it's a word that can mean a ton of things.

So even if we're just seeing if we want to "hang out" or date it's the same.

I consider hanging out with a person of the opposite sex that you're interested/attracted to as psuedodating.

He’s checking you out and motions that he’ll buy you another drink. It’s a forever cycle that doesn’t stop unless you do something about it. His friends kind of know you and his family has heard about you, but you’re “that girl.”You don’t have a name; you’re just “that girl.” It’s not that you’re not important because you are, but you’re not giving yourself any credit. Express how you feel, and if you’re not on the same page, pick a different book because it’s a dead end.

How can you resist his smile and another margarita? You hang around his friends and they think you’re cool, and you think you’re getting brownie points with this guy, but he’s only thinking about the next few hours. If you’re into that, go ahead, but personally, I’m into having long-lasting relationships, walks on the beach and knowing we can hold hands There’s comfort in knowing that even though my palms are sweaty, my hand is the only one he wants to hold.

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2) associate: to spend time regularly with somebody. spending time together with the implicit intention of discovering whether the relationship has the potential to be a romantic/physical/close one, or under the working assumption that the relationship is heading/nearly/already therehanging out:- spending time together with the explicit intention of not assuming anything about where the relationship might go, i.e.

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