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(where she imitates Mario being shocked by her sudden appearance in his house).In the same episode, she is revealed to have an evil and torturous side, as she terrifies Mario just for lying to her.In Smart Jeffy, Junior caught Rosalina's attention by calling her "Busty Tits" and Junior explaining to her what happened to Jeffy. When Jeffy gets taken away, she got frustrated with Mario, yelling that she can't believe he let Nancy take him away, trying to convince him that Nancy beats Jeffy, but Mario shows absolutely no concern, even stating that it's good that she beats him, leading Rosalina to break up with Mario for his heartlessness. Fredrick Finkleshits • Jacques Pierre François • Crystal • Harambe • Barack Obama • Mr.Rosalina has held a grudge against her since Jeffy's Parents! Dinkle • The Alien's Wife • Terrance • Melvin • Does Bad Things Guy • Gumbo • Drawing Jeffy Chef Luigi • The Crocodile • Electrician's Son • Joseph's Girlfriend • Harleyyy • Remy • Sheila Perkins • Popeye • D-Money Senior • The Cat In The Hat • White Yoshi • Doofy's Ex-Wife • Birdo • Bully Bill's Dad • Polly The Parrot • Kidnapper • Katy • Joseph's Dad • Mr.There were also times when Rosalina was theorized to have broken up with Mario, but they remain together to this day, and she was super excited to get proposed to.In her first two appearances, she was a crybaby who sobbed over the stars because the sun took them away. But then, Mario brought him back to her, causing her to love him.Rosalina first met Bowser Junior in Jeffy's Birthday! Winkle • Carlos • Candy • Candy's Father • Mickey Mouse • Ray Cheesy • D-Money Junior • Jackie Twu • Mine!, when Jeffy was about to go on the jungle gym with Junior and his friends, and Junior found her really hot and liked her breasts. Bird • Baby Mario • Loan Dolphin • Sonic • Chef Poo Poo • Chompy • Bully Bill • The Alien • Dr.

Her parents had preferred her dating him instead of Mario. Pig • Peach • Thomas • Ken • Patrick • Pink Yoshi • Principal Steinbeck • Harold Wilfred • Judy • Donkey Kong • Diddy Kong • Hansel • Kirby • Chris the Cucumber • Felipe • The Rat • Emily Coleman • Link • Samantha • Wario • Waluigi • Simmons • Brooklyn Guy's Wife • Tyreese • Tom Brady • Mr.

i dont know, hes 14 turning 15 this year, like me, and hes really mature, so i doubt it, i think he either likes girls is age or old like allie/rosalina Yah but if the person is like 1 or 2 years younger.

Mommy (Jeffy)Hot (Bowser Junior)Baby (Mario)Busty Tits (Bowser Junior)Loud Mouth (Does Bad Things Guy)Whore (Jeffy)Hoe (D-Money and Black Yoshi)Baby Girl (D-Money)Sweetheart (Brooklyn T.

Additionally, Rosalina is shown to be immature for her age, due to her initial cries over the sun blocking the stars, though this seems to subsided. , she thought it was perfectly acceptable to throw her plate of unwanted food at the wall, just because Jeffy, a twelve-year-old kid who also acts immature, does the same multiple times.

Rosalina has pedophiliac tendencies, as shown in Jeffy's Brain!

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