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Her role in bringing the impressionable Pippa into her wild photo shoots is questionable from a moral standpoint, but the scenes are actually very funny and playful.It’s played for laughs and camp much more than it is for kinks or shock value.This is the stuff that domestic nightmares are made of.We move back and forth between her past “lives” and her current tedious existence, living in a retirement community since Herb suffered three heart attacks. She finds out that she has a rich secret life sleepwalking, taking bizarre trips to the kitchen and driving out to the gas station for smokes.Though she doesn’t get much screen time, Julianne Moore is a treat as Kat, the rather naughty queer photographer.She first appears casual and sexy in her updo and jean cutoff’s, all puzzling smiles and devious winks.

Pippa’s eccentric mother (Maria Bello) alternatively worshipped her daughter, dancing with her and photographing her dressed as a movie star, to checking out completely, crying in another room and ignoring the family.

In those brief moments, Pippa plays the naughty schoolgirl and the devious dominatrix with equal relish, and it feels much like her early days, when her mother would truss her up like old movie stars and take her picture.

She genuinely enjoys the attention — something that comes into play in much more dangerous ways later in her life.

It’s mildly quirky and rather cute at times, but don’t let the whimsical trappings fool you — this is a drama with more substance and weight than it first appears to be.

We begin with close-ups of Pippa, a very pretty 40-something woman, applying makeup in a mirror, preparing for a dinner party.

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  1. magazine is reporting that an ambivalent Leighton dumped a "heartbroken" Sebastian Stan because she "doesn't know how to be in a relationship and doesn't really like them." HA. Her jaded romantic sentiments will surely be welcomed company for a cuckolded Ed.