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analyze (analysis/plural-analyses) - to separate into parts in order to determine what something is or how it works; to examine in detail. anemometer - instrument used to measure wind speed.angiosperm - plant that has flowers and produces seeds enclosed in fruit.abyssal zone - open-ocean zone that extends from about 2 000 meters down to about 6 000 meters down.acceleration - rate at which speed or direction changes; can be found by dividing the change in speed by the given time, usually expressed in meters per second.activation energy - least amount of energy required to start a particular chemical transport - movement of molecules from where they are less crowded to where they are more crowded; the process of using energy to move materials through a membrane.absolute dating - any method of measuring the age of an event or object in years.

anion - atom that has gained electrons; a negative ion. 1 anthracite - hard, brittle coal that is almost pure carbon.antigen - any foreign substance that causes an immune response. aphelion - in the orbit of a planet or other body in the solar system, the point that is farthest from the sun.apogee - point of the moon’s orbit farthest from the Earth.antibiotic - substance produced by helpful bacteria that destroys or weakens disease-causing bacteria.antibody - substance produced in and by the body that protects against specific disease infections. anticyclone - rotation of air around a high-pressure center in the direction opposite to Earth’s rotation.

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ameba (amoeba) - microscopic, unicellular Protist that moves using pseudopod.

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