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This Turkish expression refers to a dog-eat-dog world.In this regard, Aksaray and Kumkapı are the table of wolves in Istanbul.The other woman seized her passport until she paid the amount, recommending to her that she become a sex worker so as to pay off the debt more quickly.Layla’s mother in Hungary thinks that she works at a factory.When I first met her, she was cheerful and full of joy.I saw her fade in time, eventually becoming a sulky, nervous person.As such, they find themselves in a position in which they can barely survive, let alone send money to their families.At some point, some start collecting money to send back home.

Her mother lives in Hungary, having married a Hungarian man.At first, I was only observing the street, looking for a door that may open to their closed, troubled worlds. Because – after everything they experienced here – they had learned something: Never trust a white man.When I started this project, there were 15 African sex workers on the street.When I met Layla, she had 1,000 dollars remaining on her debt. She was not allowed to leave her house during the day.Her “boss” insists that she accompany her wherever she goes or forces her to return back home with more money.

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The neighborhood is within walking distance to Kumkapı, meaning African sex workers are frequently seen in the bars. In the middle of the chaos of Aksaray, the street had an authentic atmosphere.

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