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As an Aquarius friend of mine once said: “You can travel around the world, and you will not find a memorial to a man who has favored the status quo. His independence is often the unfortunate consequence of him not being able to developing a really deep friendship, despite having a large circle of superficial friends.

Nobody erects a monument for a conservative..”It is a waste of time to try to bind him too much. He shuns the ties that bind, even if they are the bonds of friendship., that there is no real contact. He feels bored quickly and then turns to other people and other hunting grounds. If you show that you really care for him, and always be honest to him, he will give it back.

You must take the initiative if you want to date him. You must empower him from time to time, but very tactfully, because the Aquarian rebels up against measures of domination.

If he argues with you, this may be a form of appreciation.One might suspect him to be a true artist regarding his patient approach, if only he had less of a tendency to consult the preliminaries for too long. He can devote foreplay with such enthusiasm that he actually loses the climax out of eyesight.In bed the Aquarius man sometimes lacks decisiveness.He is really interested in the personality of a woman, and does not see her as a sexual object unless she wants him to.But he admires her for her spirit and her soul as well as for her body. He enjoys the overture for quite some time before getting proactive.

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Now, is this characteristic close to someone who is your friend, one of the members in your family, lover or even yourself?

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