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Most hold strongly to their traditions and, therefore, prefer to sit back at home and take care of the children (this in itself is a thing of beauty).They are also very fond of their traditional clothing — a beautifully colored wrap that is tied above the bosom and extends to the legs. But then again this is Africa we are talking about so expect a lot of that.

I signed up with you and just thought it can fold it or not.

I had a few women wrote to the I liked, some have responded, some do not.

Natärlich I was also contacted by ladies and I have polite and well-behaved answered without knowing what is there really to happen to me.

Needless to say, those Money Orders or checks are no good, and not even worth the paper they're printed on.

If you cash them or deposit them into your account, Money Orders or checks will come back after few weeks as fraudulent and you will be responsible for paying back the money to the bank and sometimes even charged for passing counterfeit instrument.

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