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Meanwhile, 'Challenge' refers to all the challenges one faces in life." But while you spend a little time building relationships with co-workers and/or friends in these games, the heart of Voltage stories is—of course—fulfilling female fantasies with everything from beefcakes to artsy types.

Unlike other dating sim apps, Voltage's offerings focus on casual users rather than hardcore fans of the genre.

They're essentially choose-your-own-adventure romance stories played out on a smartphone.

Their target audience is just about any woman who owns a phone and enjoys romance.

With 26 million users worldwide playing its 60 (and counting) romance apps, Voltage Inc.

has been dominating the mobile dating sim scene for years in Japan, Singapore, and, more recently, the United States.

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Another stepped in to agree that generally she felt that while "Japanese women want to be protected and led by the man, American women prefer to be equals with their romantic partners.” A key difference in how Voltage usually approaches writing stories aimed at the exclusively U. demographic also stems from an observation that, since “American audiences like more mature and sexy stories, they don’t seem to be as interested in innocent love.” Contrary to popular belief, the survey revealed that when it came to more aggressive behaviors like or a man who "forcibly turns my face toward him with his hand," Japanese women generally preferred partners who conveyed affection through cutesier gestures like "being patted on the head." Unsurprisingly, both audiences unanimously agreed that men "posting on social media often" and doing "baby talk" was extremely uncomfortable behavior. ” one participant said, seeing the popularity of the trope as both ubiquitous and universal.

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