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Slightly more subtle but equally assertive renderings of majestic rocks or trees were also popular.

Some Confucian themes, reflective of the ideology that would be favoured even more forcefully under Tokugawa rule, were beginning to appear.

The masters of an unchallenged central government were supported by an emerging urban merchant class astutely aware of its pivotal role in maintaining the stability of the recently war-wracked nation.

In addition, a much diminished aristocracy was still intent on retaining a hand in the arbitration of culture.

The development of the castle also points up several salient features of the age: a display of massive power held by provincial warriors not previously noted for high cultural aspirations, growing confidence in national stability, and the conscription of artists to articulate the new mood.

The development of the visual arts during this period was characterized by the vigorous patronage of two groups: the military leadership, who brought civil stability, and the merchant class, which formed the economic backbone of the revitalized urban centres.

He selected castle (now known only through records) was constructed between 15 and destroyed shortly after Nobunaga’s death.

A product of military necessity as well as an extension of the bold and outsize personality of its resident, this innovative structure presented enormous decorative challenges and opportunities to Kanō Eitoku, the premier painter of the period., eight-panel folding screen, ink, colour, and gold leaf on paper, attributed to Kanō Eitoku, 1590.

Panoramic and carefully detailed screen paintings laid out the bustling life of Kyōto emerging from the destruction of civil-war life.His training was thoroughly eclectic, with experience in Buddhist polychrome themes, portraiture, and ink monochrome.Through the offices of the tea master Sen Rikyū, Tōhaku gained access to important collections of Chinese painting that had greatly influenced Muromachi aesthetics.At first, the bold scale and martial vitality of the warrior class were most influential in the arts.Later, the urban merchant class was the primary underwriter of a revival in interest and reinterpretation of Heian and Kamakura period court taste.

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Kaihō Yūshō probably trained in the Kanō studio, but his independent style, most characteristically revealed in richly nuanced ink monochrome on gold or silver background, owed much to a careful study of Zen painting.

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