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Then it's the same as goldenmean explained; you run the command line program from your java program in the takepicture() routine, and the rest of your code runs the same. It requires JMF being installed and configured before-hand, but once you're done you can access the hardware via Java code fairly easily. I've done this on my laptop by finding a command line program that snaps a picture.I've also added some other random improvements (such as closing down the program when import event. Except for the part about reading pixel values into an array, you might be better served by saving the file to BMP, which is nearly that format already, then using the standard java image libraries on it.

Performer client application must support 98/Me/XP/2000 and over and support most webcam and camcorder thru capture card, USB and/or existing webcam driver.

The API is very simple, not overfeatured, can work standalone, but also supports additional webcam drivers like Open IMAJ, JMF, FMJ, LTI-CIVIL, etc, and some IP cameras.

Link to the project is Example code (take picture and save in test.jpg): This kind of goes off of gt_ebuddy's answer using Java CV, but my video output is at a much higher quality then his answer.

Open CVFrame Grabber; import com.googlecode.opencv_core. Ipl Image; public class High Res extends JComponent implements Runnable enum Keys I have used JMF on a videoconference application and it worked well on two laptops: one with integrated webcam and another with an old USB webcam. Moreover, it also provides a set of real-time video processing features, like object tracking and filtering. The following code creates a Swing-based TV capture program with the video output displayed in the entire window: Java usually doesn't like accessing hardware, so you will need a driver program of some sort, as goldenmean said.

Webcam video demo: the Player with Swing The Player can be easily used in a Swing application as well.

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Note that this project is NOT for the website itself but for the chat/video components of it.

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