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White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, in a Monday afternoon appearance on CNBC, pooh-poohed investor fears about the administration’s new trade hawkishness."Everybody needs to relax and kind of look the chess board here. officials expect the Chinese to match their threats tit-for-tat, further ramping up the pressure.” The Chinese understand that the “more they retaliate, the more it hurts them, as well,” but feel the need to match every U. penalty in order to save face, says Trey Mc Arver, co-founder of the research firm Trivium China.Most immediately, a batch of bad news from tech companies is jarring confidence in a sector that helped power the market to record highs last year."Everybody hates Tesla because their production is terrible and their cars crash into stuff.But that’s far from the only place where technicians are preparing to gaze into the abyss. is trading right on top of this support line." Monday marked the worst start to April since 1929. 26, it represented a roughly 325 percent increase since the bull market began in March 2009."The stock market is still up more than 20 percent since Nov. Trump won the White House — a roller-coaster ride driven in part by expectations about what a Trump presidency could bring to Washington," NYT's Matt Phillips writes. But since February, a toxic stew of factors — many but certainly not all of them emanating from Washington — has polluted what had been the market’s placidly rising waters.

So, with first-quarter reporting season kicking into high gear in two weeks, companies must sit on their hands while the market fizzles." Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser to Allianz, calls it healthy.

Fears of a tech collapse and a budding trade war with China fueled Monday’s rout, which dragged stocks into correction territory.

If history is any guide, there’s more of that to come in the months ahead: The six-month stretch that kicked off Monday is the worst-performing period for stocks of any in the four-year presidential cycle, averaging negative returns for investors dating all the way back to 1929.

Consumers would face higher prices and companies would see profits shrink, stalling economic growth.

And the president’s Twitter-based attacks on Amazon have prompted shareholders to dump the stock in recent days — a cycle that repeated Monday, as Trump launched a fresh broadside and the online retail giant’s share price slid another 5.2 percent. Bezos owns The Washington Post.) The Trump era’s brand of uncertainty is new; Washington wobbliness brought about by an approaching midterm that drags on stocks is not.

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