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Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles play brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on screen but they are just as close as brothers even when the cameras are off.

He makes the best of it but things at his new teaching job are tough and his coworkers aren't making it any easier for him. Can he cope being paralyzed and pregnant, and what hardships will they both have to overcome?

And they make Jared very angry, so angry he lashed out without realizing the consequences of his actions. Disclaimer: I put reality and fiction in a blender and this popped out - reality has been skewed to fit this authors devious wishes.

In 1996, Jensen played the role as Michael Duss in the children’s TV show Wishbone in an episode entitled “Viva Wishbone!

”Jensen’s workout routine and diet plan are not known.

His big break in movies came when he was cast as Tom Hanniger in the remake of the 1981 cult movie, "My Bloody Valentine", in 2008, called "My Bloody Valentine 3D". His notable roles are Jason Todd in Batman: Under The Red Hood, Gibson in the video game TRON: Evolution and Kyle Madigan in the Parasite Eve spin-off, The 3rd Birthday which was set to be released in March 29, 2011.

He has had many relationships, including a somewhat discreet relationship with lesser known Sam (last name unknown).

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