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Consider, for a moment, the cascade of failures that brought us to today — a day when one of the most popular shows on television is canceled after its toxic star tweeted a racist insult of Valerie Jarrett. She was, quite obviously, one of the more toxic and troubled personalities in American public life. Mc Cullough chronicled the crazy in an essay just last month: Barr has never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t love.This was a woman who, after all, trafficked in grotesque conspiracy theories, said that anyone who eats at Chick-fil-A “deserves to get the cancer that’s sure to come,” and defiled the National Anthem more thoroughly than a thousand kneeling football players. She’s a 9-11 truther who believes that “Bush did it,” and she has called the Boston Marathon bombing one of many “false flag terror attacks” perpetrated by the Obama administration to “remove” the Second Amendment.Some polities might make the “wrong” decision, but the nation-state model helps create a space for normative pluralism.Trying to dissolve the nation-state in the name of cosmopolitanism, maximum liberty, or some other aim would probably end up undermining the ability to come to local consensuses about what things like “liberty” actually mean.We all know that progressives get more grace than conservatives, but where does Roseanne fit? To argue that companies should err on the side of free speech — as I do all the time — is not to argue that companies can’t have any standards at all. In a previous post, I endorsed a simple view of private employment: Do good work and be a decent person.It’s a viewpoint-neutral standard that applies directly to the situation at hand.Instead, it has been described as a “modernising step” or a chance to expand the “autonomy” of women.

You can find You Tube videos of her rambling about “MK ULTRA Mind Control” on RT, and she seems particularly fond of the notion that the American ruling class is running some manner of pedophile sex cult.

The rise of “democratic illiberalism” or “illiberal democracy” has become a staple of media narrative these days — covering populism, the Trump administration, and even Brexit (it’s not clear how membership in the EU determines whether a nation is a liberal democracy or not).

Tellingly, “illiberal democracy” has not for the most part been invoked to describe last week’s referendum in Ireland, which removed restrictions on legalized abortion.

I know that Republicans are starved for Republican-friendly television, but can we ever reach a time when the stakes are low enough to draw lines based on character?

I know people voted for the low-character president because of the Flight 93 election and all that.

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The point of this is not to say which side is right; it’s that there is a real disagreement on this issue.

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