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We did not perform “Walk This Way” in 1986 while it was exploding. I was happy about “My Adidas,” about “Peter Piper.” I got my Adidas sneaker, made out of pure gold, and performed every song on the album other than “Walk This Way.” Then I hear this exploding on a rock station in Boston and I’m seeing sales that are taking it well over 1.5 million. We did an intervention with him and we had to get him in the morning, before the methadone clinic opened. The only thing that could get him to the office was that he was excited about what that song was doing. He thought he was coming in to do an interview with the BBC to talk about “Walk This Way.” He came and saw us and said, “What the f--- is this? This is why we need to acknowledge and always take care of them.

They were going down for a third time, and that song was where they went, “Ah, Kalodner was right.” And then they listened to him. “Permanent Vacation,” “Pump” and “Get a Grip.” And that song was part of what gave Steven the incentive to get sober. Run-DMC was the complete sacrifice for anything that was successful after 1986.

There are tapes of Grandmaster Flash using the beat from “Walk This Way” as early as 1978 — eight years before Run-DMC’s remake. Then we made this first bum record with a superstar producer and it was a bomb. I had a great time making that record, and Steven was one of the most amazing guys. And in those days, everybody did a little bit of something. Because David Geffen does not have to release your next record. At this point, I go, “Rick, that’s a fantastic idea.” But I said, “You know you have to get Steve Tyler and Joe Perry to play on it.” And Rick says: “They’ll never do it. I’d give them a buck, two bucks, and that was the beginning of me noticing what was going on in New York at the time.

When I went record shopping, I didn’t just look in one area. From that day on, Barry started playing more and more rap records. But we had to do that record in Berkeley because they didn’t want those guys to score. Old white guys don’t get this rap thing.” I was going to interview Aerosmith in Boston and Rick gave me a tape to give to them.

15, 1974, and Perry, Aerosmith’s 24-year-old lead guitarist, is messing with a riff before a gig in Honolulu. Tyler, originally a drummer but now the band’s singer, jumps up when he hears the jam. And Steven heard it and I think he came up onstage and . The whole band went in to see the movie, and when that line came up — “Walk this way” — we were all in hysterics. That idea worked simultaneously with this conversation about how hip-hop and rap music was not music. Aaron got into it as much as a Jewish white kid could. But our love for music and trying new things far surpassed that. And a way to express yourself, which is what they were doing on the street corner. They’d be on the street in the day or in the juke joint at night. “Oh, hell no, you sit down and eat those greens.” And it takes the kid an hour to eat one green at a time? The funny thing is, when I got there in the morning, all that were outside were tons of black kids. So I was walking around and I saw all these white kids in their cars. As Aerosmith tours arenas, in New York City a kid from Barbados, Joseph Saddler, renames himself Grandmaster Flash. As a producer, if you know your room and the mic preamps, you know how things are going to sound. In a restaurant, Michael Mc Donald and I would be doing lines as they were vacuuming under the tables to close up. It sold a half a million copies, which was a failure for the band at the time. Rick tells me, “I need a white rock song that can be turned into a rap song.” And we spent about 10 or 15 minutes on the phone, shooting around ideas. He experiments with DJ-ing, searching for records with beats he can mix on his turntables. I don’t think I made Joey’s drums sound as good as they could have, or Joe’s guitar. I helped to [convince] the band that it is time to start listening. We kept on coming back to “Back in Black” by AC/DC, but the Beastie Boys had just recorded a version. ” And he begins to sing it on the phone, with imitation scratches. I used to go looking for drugs on Ninth Avenue and I would go over to midtown or downtown and there would be guys on the corner selling cassettes of their music. I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music because growing up, my mom was a young mom and she knew a lot of artists, musicians, around the area. Right next to “Celebration.” Run-DMC made it possible for all the majors to see that rap music and hip-hop was album-oriented music and rap artists were rock stars, really. Run-DMC should be as revered as Aerosmith and have all the spoils. There’s nothing more mainstream than being on a wedding playlist.

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