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During an inquiry he was imprisoned—a normal procedure for inquisitions then.There is some evidence that he may have been subjected to an exorcism, but his levitations continued. Nevertheless, he was committed to a cloistered religious order and forbidden to speak to anyone other than his fellow religious. Although authorities attempted to conceal his location, he would be discovered by pilgrims and then be transferred to another religious order where the same regulations were enforced.It was the first of what would become many incidents of levitation which earned him the nickname “The Flying Saint.” The soaring episodes increased—in the church during Mass, in the refectory during meals with plates of food in his hands.Many times people saw him rise from the ground while saying Mass or praying.

At that time levitation and visions were often confused with witchcraft and demonic possession, even though levitation events had been reported for other Christian saints, for example, St. Is the levitation of saints purely a miracle or is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon? Andrews University in Scotland announced a major breakthrough which “elevated levitation from being pure science fiction to science fact.” The scientists, Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr.

They recalled his ability to read their minds and his visions of future events, such as the death of a pope before it was known to the population. Joseph, whose life was marked by ecstasies and levitations, died in 1663. At the Vatican library are thirteen volumes documenting his elevation to sainthood.

These books contain numerous testimonies of witnesses (including princes, cardinals, bishops and doctors) who knew St.

After several applications for admittance to various religious orders were denied because of his lack of education, he was admitted as a lay brother to a religious community.

This also did not work out because of his absentmindedness and lack of awareness of what he was doing.

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