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Always too busy, and partly on account of that you're rarely allowed anywhere it. On the other hand, it does still make for a pleasant trip.Andy B: Section on astronomical alignments - featured in Episode Three of BBC's History of Ancient Britain (of course I have visited but this is to get the order right) zaghareet: Crowded, but worth the visit.

More here The Stonehenge Alliance write: The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) has commissioned a special edition of its members magazine British Archaeology designed to inform debate about the proposed road tunnel at Stonehenge.I suspect that they were quite precise, not unlike Gobekli Tepe, originally.Martin JEley: Easily recognized by just about anyone I was always impressed to see the structure at close range.Despite the importance of this WHS, the UK Government plans to build a vast dual carriageway across the landscape, with massive tunnel portals emerging into deep cuttings for around a mile of new roads.Slip roads to a double interchange would destroy the western setting of the WHS.

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