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But I don't know I'm not sure what I want right now and just wish I could go hide somewhere and disappear for a few days!I really like my current girlfriend but I don't want to lead my ex on!

She will be 15 while I'm still 16 so its not 2 yrs apart. No one at my school does I mean everyone thinks its cute blah blah blah and stuff.

Looks like you need some "alone time", by yourself or just with family or friends.

You will have plenty of time to date people when you're ready. I liked my girlfriend a lot but for some reason I have been feeling like she was more of a "friend" to me and that's it. I didn't want to lead her on in a long relationship where I don't have feelings like she does. I felt one so much older and just felt like a brother figure to her. I told her how I truly was feeling and she understood.

All I could say was "I understand how you feel and I just wanted and apology". And lately I feel as if I don't want to date anyone.

I feel like breaking it off with my current girlfriend and ignoring my ex and just doing my own thing.

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