Korean adoptees dating koreans

For example, depending on the Korean agency, families are required to have 12-18 months between the youngest child in the home and the child to be adopted.

A family who has no young children and who is open to more medical needs from the checklist, for example, is likely to get a referral faster than a family who has to wait for their youngest bio child to grow a bit older or who is less open to medical needs.

Other families (particularly with Korea, as most agencies don’t have a public photo-listing of Korean waiting kiddos) start the process and are then presented with the option of pursuing an “assigned” or “unassigned” referral.

For Korea, all families will have at least two agencies – an American agency and a Korean agency, though in the case of Holt they are both “Holt” – but some families, like us, have as many as three!

🙂 For this section, I’m going to talk specifically about the process with SWS (our Korean agency), because that’s what we know best.

The referral process itself is a mystery, but allegedly, SWS reviews the families currently waiting, the kiddos currently waiting, and then they match them up based on personality, family dynamics, and any medical needs the family listed as acceptable.

This process goes in somewhat of a line but does vary based on the family.

The general wait, however, is about 3-4 months from the time the home study is sent to Korea.

Assigned Referrals often come to the American agencies in batches, so often multiple families will get their referral files on the same day!

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We had been told it takes 6 months, sometimes a year. But to be perfectly honest, a lot of the home study timeline for Korea depends on motivation and availability of both the adoptive family and the home study agency to just get it done!

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