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And don't think they're worse in quality just because they cost less, that could be due to a number of things including a low currency exchange rate. Epi Les Paul forgeries have been identified as coming from Korea and raids etc have taken place. Other than that, we have a Korea resident here telling us that the place is rife with forgeries.

One of the things you surely learned during your economics course was that in boom economies, black market trading also booms.

For beginners the fun starts when you start to play with the hundreds of options that the three-way switch and tone controls allow.

Of course, a lot of the tone depends on the type of amplifier that you plug your guitar into.

He made his first guitar in 1940 in the Epiphone guitar factory.

This venture eventually led to the Epiphone Les Paul LP-100.

On the upside, though, that also means its a little bit lighter too.

Certainly a decent buy but I am going read up on this forgery thing now at the Gibson site. I live in Korea, and can tell you that some fine guitars are built here, but knockoffs (not just epiphone, every brand) are also aplenty. Stuff made in Korea isn't all sweatshop material; for instance, look at companies like KIA or Hyundai, they make some pretty decent cars.

Fortunately, the Epiphone Les Paul LP-100 produces a full sound with even a half-decent amp.

There is no better way to motivate a novice guitarist than a beautiful sound!

Epiphone has equipped the Les Paul LP-100 with dual uncovered humbucker pickups complete with a tone and volume control for each.

When plugged in, the Les Paul has a reputation for having a fat, bold tone that stands out among most any other electric guitar.

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