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One of Brendan’s recent experiences only reinforces the stereotype that Laguna women have developed a “heightened sense of entitlement.” On a Friday night, Brendan entered the Sandpiper with his usual set of lowered expectations.While waiting for a drink at the bar, he explains, he began chatting with an attractive woman who also lived nearby.Most young singles spend their weekends floating between bars like the Sandpiper or The Saloon, where blaring music makes just hearing one’s own thoughts an uphill battle.“It’s where dreams go to die,” Brendan says of Laguna’s after-hours bar scene.Shelby Jarvis, a 34-year-old bachelorette, has spent her life in Laguna and finds the limited selection of suitors in the city disappointing.“Since it’s a relaxed beach town, you get a lot of guys who don’t really have full-time careers and are in vacation mode,” she explains.Going in Circles Dating typically involves a host of seismic ups and downs in any city, but being young and single in Laguna, where everyone seems to know each other, definitely complicates the undertaking.“Honestly, the first word that comes to mind is incestuous,” says Laguna local Brendan Hexberg of the city’s dating scene.

Still, women are hardly the only locals with bad reputations.

To avoid this problem she turns to neighboring towns when seeking potential partners, explaining that bigger cities seem to offer men with more of a “go-getter” mentality.

When it comes to dating in Laguna, Shelby favors upscale restaurants like the recently opened Selanne Steak Tavern and San Shi Go because these places aren’t too loud and offer unbeatable food.

Her landlord was none other than Bob, and over time, the two became closer and closer. “He asked me out to get a glass of Champagne or something, and that’s when he took me to The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel. Stephanie says it was the place to go for couples—albeit expensive for the time.

“There weren’t a lot of little romantic places then, but Dizz’s was definitely our place for romantic occasions.” Shortly after that, Bob surprised Stephanie with not only a house that he’d bought for the two of them on Temple Terrace, but also a proposal. Then they go on their phones, and they text each other.

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